Sasha Argov

Sasha (Alexander) Argov, the composer of more than 1,000 songs, passed away on September 27, 1995, at the age of 81.

Sasha Argov began composing in the "Palmach" period, with well-known songs like "Hare'ut" (Friendship) "Hu Lo Yada Et Shma" (He did not know her name) "Hapalmachnik Mechapes et hamachar" (The palmachnik is searching for tommorow) etc..

His '70s songs included "Ahuvati sheli livnat tzavar" (My White Neck Lover), "Balada Al Ne'ari Shegadal" (A Ballad on My Boy That Grew Up) "Viduy" (Confession) and many more. He remained active through the '80s and '90s.

Among the singers that performed his songs:

-- Reported by Ariel Brosh

Sasha was the most intelligent and sensitive composer of the Israeli local music. Not only did he compose such beautiful songs but he gave his inspiration to many other artists. Matti Caspi was the first and the most successful with Sasha's music. and for Argov's memory I hope Caspi will return and make some more music so all of us can enjoy the real thing again.-Danny Gal, 1/2/96.

Shella writes (Oct. 29): Sasha Argov's songs are particularly enhanced when they are sang by Motti Caspi, which is in my opinion among the best Israeli (and not Israeli even) singers, and which should deserve more attention by your home page.

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