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Dylan and the Jews

Alan Zoldan's Apocalyptic Dream

By Alan Zoldan

To the tune of "When I Paint My Masterpiece" -- with a little of New Morning mish-moshed in.

Can't you hear that shofar blowin'?
Judgement Day will come anon
And when you hear
Them trumpets blazin'
You will know which side you're on.

Got to hurry on back up to the Wailing Wall
Where I got me a date with Jeremiah's niece,
Yeah, she promised to make sure I wouldn't
get too lonely,
When the dead get undeceased!

Hassidic men drinking brandy
Had to be held back by kid police
Oh one day everything's gonna be clear
like a stream in Minnesota -
And I'll timeshare me a condo with Mother Terese

I left Lod and landed in Libya
With some letters I knew better than to call
Oh there's only so much time God's gonna give ya
Think it's time to read the writing on the wall!

Can't you hear that shofar blowin'?
It's a Jericho rooftop midnight melody.
Every prayer gets an answer
And God's been good, so good to me.
Every prayer gets an answer
And God's been good, real good to me.


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