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Last updated 21 Jan 1998

Meet DieWelt
Some background

DieWelt means "The World" in German, their previous name was "Dovrei Ha Shtika" (Speakers of Silence). Some details about them:

They come from Jerusalem, and they represent the dying musical scene in their city. Their guitarist has left them for religion, which caused a big shock within the group, and delayed the release of their album. Their musical style is very unique, involves industrial with noise and rock, something like The Young Gods. It is, I.M.H.O, one of the more interesting albums released in here lately, both from the musical and the textual aspect. ( By Assaf Bar-Yaacov, who works at NanaDisc, Dec. 28)

"A Welcome Signal"
DieWelt's first album reviewed

"There are few records that take you to another place," writes Avi Ephrati in Tel Aviv, reviewing the premiere album by the group that includes Alon Avnet, Banya Reches, Dori Gold, Roi Nasi and Ido Drori. For achieving that, the album, despite its flaws, is a welcome promise, he writes, a welcome signal on the seismograph of Israeli rock. (Dec. 15)


I think that... DieWelt hem Achla Davar! it's sad like alot of other good things that die... Benya Ha melech!
ow@junkie.net (21 Jan 1998)

"DiWelt" are not very good, but they are original.
Idan Reytan (28 Dec 1997)

I think that "DieWelt" is the best band in israel today i think you all should open your mind and just go listening to this album and then decide if you want to buy it. I'm sure you will enjoy this album.
anonymous (March 26)

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