Ronnie's Hibbing Photo Album

By Ronnie Schreiber
Here's a photo we took of Bob's father's grave in Duluth. His grandparents are also buried in this cemetery. According to a rabbi whom I learn with who is close to Dylan's contacts in Crown Heights, Bob's Hebrew name is Shabtai Zisel ben Avraham. If you notice, Abram Zimmerman's father was named Zisel. Also, Dylan's daughter Anna is probably named after his grandmother.

Finding Abram Zimmerman's grave was a day-long endeavor that began at the city clerk's office in Hibbing, went up to Virginia (the biggest town near Hibbing and nearest Jewish cemetery - well actually it's a Jewish section of a larger one) and ended up going to three different Jewish cemetaries in Duluth before we found the proper one. When we got there, we recited a "K'el Maleh Rachamim". I wonder how often Bob visits his father's and grandparents' graves.

The synagogue that Bob attended as a youth is no longer in existence due to the shrinking Jewish community in Hibbing. The building has been converted to apartments. Besides the glass star of David near the roof, if your jpg viewer has sufficient resolution you can make out where a Menorah was mounted over the door.

BTW, in Hibbing they make a bigger deal about Jeno Paulicci (of Jeno's Pizza fame) and Roger Maris coming from Hibbing than they do about Dylan.

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