Sad Songs Say So Much

The following song was written by Haim Cheffer in memory of Emil Gruenzweig, murdered at a Peace Now rally outside the Knesset 12 years ago. It was recorded by the Dudaim, and the translation is by Ariel Brosh.

With the faith that in my heart,
And in the endless love in me;
and with the justice that in me,
And with the ever biggest hopes;
And in the moral in my heart
that's higher way of all the false,
today I swear just that:

Even if the journey is the longest,
and even if many fall behind,
together we'll just continue
go forward to the light......

And when I wake and when I go
and call for peace among the war;
In front of those who hear my whine;
In front of those who want their blood;
With those that's going in my way
between the fist of hatery,
today I swear just that:


And in my life, and in my death,
With the ordeal of all the wars;
And with the graves that in my land
And with the mentioning of the souls;
My family, your family,
in front of the fragments of the dreams
today I swear just that:


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