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As a lover of Israeli pop/rock from the early 1980's, I was pleased with many of the selections by Yediot Aharonot (Benzeen, T-Slam, Ha-Klik, Mashina, Astar Shamir, etc.).

However, I was disappointed with what I read in the last page of the article. In explaining why acts from the 1990's were not included in the list, the writers cited several bands which they think will continue to shape the Israeli music scene.

Names that were dropped included Aviv Geffen and Mofa Ha'Arnavot Shel Doctor Casper. Give me a break. Did someone forget Ethnix?! Their 2nd album, Massala, sold only about 80,000 copies! That puts it right in the top five all-time best selling Israeli pop/rock albums.

Ethnix mixes various styles to create music that is fun, serious, dramatic -- SUPERB! Their use of dance, pop, synth, and musica mizrakhit is wonderful to listen to. If anything, Ze'ev, Tamir, Gil, and Gal should have at least been mentioned as one of the premier Israeli acts of the 90's.

Five albums in five years and numerous performances on foreign soil make Ethnix the clear choice for the best Israeli act of the 1990's!

Back in July, Andrew Koerner asked RadioHazak the question,

I was wondering what Radio Hazak thinks about the song that Dana
International had sang to be entered in the European Song Festival. Do
you think that there were reasons other then the quality of the song
that she did not receive the nomination to be the Israeli
So what do you think?

Aytan Ben-Pelech would like to RadioHazak to "include info on the latest dance music and rave scene in Israel, as where I live this info is impossible to get."

We'd like to see such info too, so if you know the scene, share the info. Thanks! wrote that

Mashina should continue performig not regarding what had happened on Arad, although they should mention it on their show. I hope some day they will gather back and give the israeli music vains some fresh blood, just the way they did up 'til now.

And would like a copy of the album "Yerushalayim Sheli" - a show with lyrics by Dan Almagor from the early 1970's.

On August 6, RadioHazak received the following request for help:

I'm searching be'neirot (desperately) for the *complete* songs of Aluvei ha-Chay im (Les Miserables in Hebrew). Hed Artzi put out an extremely limited one-cassette selection... but I want to have the *whole* thing! Does anybody out there have it? Has someone, perhaps, recorded it live from Kol Yisrael? If so, please e-mail me, at: Thanks... Daniel Shechori (Schwartz)
Concerning Yediot's Top 100 list, Ariel Broshl writes on July 25:
By the way, since when does Yoav Kutner knows something about 70's Israeli Music? He excluded "Wildflower" which is still sold at regular price. What about "Place" of Shlomo Artzi?

A rejoinder on Machina from a reader at
For a music group that existed for about ten years and recorded eight albums, Mashina hasn't contributed almost anything to the Israeli rock, apart of copying from others (i.e. Dylan's Hurricane, Madness, the Seattle album (Miflatzot Tehila)). Look what "Kaveret" have done with only three albums!
Longtime Mashina fan writes that
Mashina has taken a big part in shaping Israeli rock. So goodbye Mashina and don't let those "kids" kill the rock.

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