Gidi Gov returns with Lilah Gov

Gidi Gov has been alive and well and starring in his own television show, "Lilah Gov." Now, a collection of 30 duets he sang close to the show are appearing on a double album, also entitled "Lilah Gov."

Gov's previous seven records have sold a quarter million copies. "No More Day (Ein Od Yom)" has gone double platinum.

With an unlikely role model of Johnny Carson, Gidi Gov has garnered a rating of 20 -- a million viewers weekly. When word spread of its pending cancellation after two and a half years and 61 episodes, fans collected 150,000 signatures on a petition to keep itopen.

In an interview in Yediot Achronot (July 16), Gov told Yael Gevirtz that since he launched his tv show, he feels happier than ever. "I've reached something I wanted for many years," he said.

In part, he said,

"From the beginning of the road I never liked being in the recording studio, and I always was happy with opportunities not to leave home and to avoid performances. On television I feel I succeeded in freeing myself from frustrations and insecurity, that bothered me for years. I always came to recordings and performances from frustration. I never came close to the great knowledge of the musicians, like Yoni Rechter, who I worked with. Now I sit for an hour on a live broadast, say hi, how are you to the interviewee, and from moment the possibilities open for very moving things for me."

Israeli radio stations are already playing cuts from the album, including "Autumn Wind" with former Kaveret (Poogy) bandmate Alon Oleartchik and "What is He Doing For Her" with Shlomi Shabbat. Shlomo Artzi and Meor Cohen are among the other performers.

"It's a bit hard for me, the fact that this is an album of luxury. Something I received as gifts from many talented people. I didn't have to come true for it, to arrange a journey to the eternal truth, to phrase statements on important subjects. The album came to me. I didn't have to leave home for it,"

said Gov.

And the reviews come in: Ariel Brosh writes that:

1) It's a best seller.

2) It's a gimmick rather than a good album.

The songs were performed in a very weird from, thus: Boaz Sharabi songs "You're My Night" and "For Me Everything is OK" (Etzli hakol b'seder) were arranged in jazz style, producing a bizzare item. The Arik Eistein songs, on the other hand, were much better, to my taste, than the source. I loved both "Fly Little Chick" and "Song After the War". Both were fabulous, with the former being performed by both Gidi Gov and Shlomo Artzi.

Some other songs: "We Haven't Spoken Yet About Love" (Ehud Manor, Matti Caspi) with Ofra Haza, "Autumn Wind" (Yechiel Mohar, Yochanan Zaray), "A Love Song to the Sea" (Refa'el Eliaz, Sasha Argov) and a new composition of Alon Ole'artchik to the beloved "Yesternight" of Naomi Shemer.

The price of the double disk is full (130 NIS at my site) but worth it.

Igal writes that:

Gov's album is great, very very interesting songs are there. It is always being played in my car cassette player. writes that:

Gidi Gov is the best singer in the world. writes on May 7 that: writes that:

So what do you think? Love Gidi? Hate him? And how does the new album hold up? RadioHazak is waiting to hear from you!

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