Nosei Hamigvat (Hat Carriers)

"Who Killed Agnetha Faltskog?"

Hed Artzi Records, 1991
Reviewed by Gil Margulis

Nosei Hamigvat (Hat Carriers) burst onto the Israeli rock scene in the spring of 1991 along with other neo-psychedelic/garage groups such as the Ascot Mix. These bands represented a new wave in Israeli rock in which the studio production and musical playing developed and matured as contrasted to the Israeli bands of the 1980's such as Tislam and Benzene.

Produced by Mashina bassist Shlomi Bracha, the Hat Carriers album: "Who Killed Agnetha Faltskog?" contains 13 songs of high-energy, guitar driven tunes. The humor in the title is a bit obscure as Agnetha Faltskog was one of the lead singers in the Swedish pop group ABBA. The Hat Carriers are anti-ABBA in their addition of fuzz and distortion although at the very core, each song is a catchy 3-chord/3-4 minute pop tune.

Their radio hit "The next one in line is a horse" has a driving beat and lead singer Ehud Pishuf yearning for an interesting movie starlet while the guitars of "Fiction" rememble that of New York's Sonic Youth yet never drifts into the sonic stratosphere. Also on the album are songs about life on the road "Live in Beit Shemesh" and problems with the record company "Hat Carrier's PR woman".

Every song is listenable time after time. I have played the Hat Carriers album well over 300 times yet the energy stays fresh. For thoese who enjoy the genre that is dominated today by the likes of Pearl Jam and Live, the Hat Carriers music stands on its own.

Most Israeli bands (with the exceptions of Ethnix and the just disbanded Mashina) do not stay around very long. Unfortunately, this was the case of the Hat Carriers. "Who killed Agnetha Faltskog?" is their one and only album. Tzvika Pik was a big fan of theirs, and they opened up many of his shows during 1991-92. The Hat Carriers also performed at a variety of big concerts during the summer of 1991.

Since their release, a couple of Hat Carriers have gone on to form the Gingiot (Red Heads). They had some success in 1994 with their first release.

One of my favorite albums, "Who Killed Agnetha Faltskog?" is a little known gem by a great band whose music stands even with the passage of time.

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