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Irmy Kaplan
An appreciation
By Yoni Haimovich

Irmy Kaplan is one of the best singers I ever heard.

His first album was released in 1994. One of its great hits is "Modedet" (measuring). It has a few more good songs, but generally, the first album isn't really something.

So why do I love Irmy Kaplan's music? Because of his second album - Boker Tov (good morning), which was released in September 1995. This album is really great.

It includes the hit "Hadafuk hazeh" (which can be politely translated as "This screwed-up one".) It's one of the best songs I ever heard. The song has got good rhythm and good music. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. All the other songs are really good too.

Now the second album also contains an addition - the song "Kvur Achshuv" (right now) - Irmi Kaplan's theme song for the Israeli TV show "Hafuch". That's another amazing song by Irmy Kaplan that I keep listen to, over and over again.

I also like Irmi's drummer - Zoher Fresco. If you listen to the drums in "Hadafuk Haze" or in "Hazona Vehakelev", you'd see what I mean.

Irmy Kaplan also has a cover - Gali. It's an old kids song, and thanks to Irmy, it's not old any more. I think that this song comes as an addition to the first album. The lyrics may sound dumb (at least for those who's over 10 years old) since it's a song for kids, but he's done an amazing job on the music. In conclusion, Irmy Kaplan is worth listening. What have you got to lose?

Players: Irmy Kaplan - Guitars and Vocals
Amir (Jungo) Rossiano - Bass and Vocals
Zohar Fresco - Drums
Oren Kaplan - Guitars


How about a question for the fans? I heard a track off a CD called While The Planet Sleeps, performed by Yermy Kaplan and a female singer -- it was called "Noomey" and was sung in both Hebrew and Arabic. Did he ever record this on one of his albums? (8 May 1998)

I love Irmy. I met him after a concert he gave, and he was so sweet to me. I can't think of any singer that has a better personality then Irmy does. (24 Oct 1997)

Irmy, or Jeremy as we Americans know him, is fab. His family (American Israelis) is close to family friends of mine, and I have met him several times (spent Rosh HaShana and Pesach with his family, in fact).

He's a pretty funny guy, very cool. I actually went to some of his shows In Tel Aviv before his first album was released, and thought he was mesmerizing. Now that I am back in the Artzot HaBrit, I only have his first album (Irmy vi HaPrachim) to listen to...and my favorite tune is DEFINTELY Madua Lo Bata, although Modedet is a close second. (29 May 1997)

Irmy Kaplan's Song "Medua lo Bata" on the disc "Songs to Warm Your Heart" is the highlight of the disc. What a fresh exciting voice he has. (March 15)

I remember a show of Taarovet Askot in the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv. It was one of their last shows. Asaf was abroad. Yirmi played guitar and sang back then. I attended this show (which was good but not as good as the "BIG" Askot with Asaf and Liblich) and after it I came on stage seeing Yirmi packing his stuff and talked to him.

I must say that unlike people like Hemi Rodner, that the fame went up to their head, Yirmi was and stayed a very nice and simple man, which makes him a great artist as well.

As a musician I must say that he is a great creator , one of the best in the Israeli rock scene of Tel Aviv. (Feb. 16)

I think that Irmy's best songs are not the famous ones. Irmy has a song called "madua lo bata"(why didn't you come) from the first (and the better) album. You should buy it. (Feb. 7)

Irmy helped me with women ("hazona vehakeleb") giving me hope with "madua lo bata" -- the best rock music in Israel. ani gamur,ani machur., (Jan. 29, '97)

I think that you got it all wrong. Irmy is one of the best artists in Israel (after Aviv Gefen and Monika Sex), but his first album - Irmy and the Flowers - is MUCH better then the second one. All of you out there - buy the first - not the second. (Jan. 18, '97)

I love Irmy Kaplan too but mostly for his first album, altough "kevar ahashav" is one of the best Israeli song I heard.I saw a concert by him and that convinced me to buy the disk and I am not least disapointed!

Irmy is a great person. He once stayed one hour after a performance, so that everyone could get his signature. He let one of our friends get on the stage and play with him the guitar.
--Corwin of Amber

Mr. Kaplan is definitely one of the best musicians Israel has. Besides his two GREAT albums (each with its own bonus track - "Gali" and "Kvur Achshuv"), and his great work (with Jango and Amdorsky) in "Taarovet Eskot", we must not forget the album that is a masterpiece, probably Kaplan's greatest - I refer, of course, to the album "Wounds and Kisses" from "Monica Sex", which is a divine album produced by Kaplan, who implicitly combined his own musical style into the album.

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