Arik Einstein's Lyrics

It Suddenly Fell On Her (Zeh Pitom Nafal Aleiha)

Words: Arik Einstein
Music: Shem Tov Levy
Translation: Larry Yudelson

Zeh pitom nafal aleiha        This suddenly fell on her
V'shinah lah et chayeiha      And changed her life
Shina et col chayeiha         Changed her whole life
Min hakzeh el hakzeh          From end to end

V'achshav kodrim shameiha     And now her skies darken
Ananim yardu aleiha           Clouds descended on her
V'shina et col chayeiha       And Changed her whole life
Min hakzeh el hakzeh          From end to end

V'ani choshev aleiha          And I think about her
Ach pa'am lo yodeia           You never know
Af pa'am lo yodeia            You never know
Im lavo o lo lavo             Whether to come or not to come

C'she'ani cvar ba aleiha      When I already come to her
Nogeah lo nogeah              Touch - don't don't touch
Mabit el toch eineiha         Look within her eyes
V'roeh et hateshuva           And see the answer

V'shuv oleh haboker           And the morning rises again
Shotefet et paneiha           Washes her face
Lobeshet chiyocheiha          Puts on her smile
Yotzet el hachayim            Goes out to the living

Choreket b'shineiha           Grates her teeth
Mastira et dimoteiha          Hides her tears
M'aferet et eineiha           Makes up her eyes
Chozeret l'chayim             Returns to life

Thanks to Daniel Rice for the translation assist.

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