Yair Rosenblum

Yair Rosenblum will be remembered forever as the one who contributed to us "Ma Avarech", "Ha'em Hashlishit", "Shiro Shel Tzanchan", "Shir Shel Yom Chulin", "Bo El Hagalil", "Gan Hastav", "Yeshnan Banot" and above all, "Shir Lashalom", and the list is long to be handled in one page.

Rosenblum composed over 1,200 songs, most of them to the army singing groups. Lately he suffered of cancer, until he died in Tuesday, August 27, 1996 at age 52.

Rosenblum changed in "Song for Peace" the line "Sing a song to love and not to victories" to the "love and not wars", but even though, the song suffered severe attacks of the extreme right.

The contribution of Rosenblum to the Israeli folk music is unmeasurable, since the singers that graduated his tutoring in the army are the ones who were active in the seventies and performed the most beautiful Israeli songs. Rosenblum was the one to discover Yardena Arazi, Gidi Gov, Shlomo Artzi, Rivka Zohar and many others. There will be no substitute for Yair Rosenblum, but as Yonathan Geffen wrote in "The Ballad for Hedva and Shlomik" which Rosenblum Composed, he had to go: "Because everybody goes".

-- Reported by Ariel Brosh

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