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Last update: July 27

Yuval Dovev recently filed thefollowing report about the Israeli trance scene:

Returning recently from Israel, I have brought with me two Trance musicrecords, one called "In Trance", the latest ofAvi Sabag and his group, and another titled "In Door - ProgressiveTrance", the names of the composers I don't remember.

Anyway, I made my English friends listen to both those albums. Reluctantat first to even listen, they got completely hooked after the first hearing,and my disks are circulating like a crazy carousel amongst my friends -I don't get to listen to them any more!

Apparently, Israeli musicians are composing trance music of international standard. The friends' appreciation to Israeli Trance music, made me think that Israel break into the international music market should be via Instrumental music of some sort, rather than with Hebrew lyrics songs translated into English. There is really something in music, pure music, that transcends boundaries and cultures, especially in highly emotional and "visual" music such as trance. Usually, Israeli music was either marketed in the unfamiliar Hebrew language, or with unfamiliar idiomatic Hebrew expressions translated into English (in which case they mean nothing to the foreign listener), or converted into non-up-to-date or poor language English expressions (in which case they just sound stupid). The language poses a barrier unpenetrable for Israelis attempting to get a shot at the international market.

The Israeli musicians are undoubtedly talented. There is no reason why Israel should not have a stack at the International music market - the solution, as I see it, lies in the instrumental music, and the instrumental music that applies to European youth nowadays is trance, house and the rest of the rave scene music. Try and pass this message to Israeli Trance musicians and record companies - expand your boundaries, you might be surprised! (I will gladly take commission if the idea comes to light, but I will be content with the mere fact of Israeli contemporary music being listened to by youth around the world.

The Jerusalem Post reports on "A generational battle over 'trance' is pitting the music's young fans against the police, who charge that it encourages drug abuse."

"Words are irrelevant, atavistic even, in the atmosphere created by the electronic music blasting from the rally across the street in Kikar Rabin - an insistent thumping like a colossal heartbeat shaking the center of Tel Aviv, punctuated by the ascents and descents of some computer wizard whose synthesized riffs explode on the brain with the impact of a flying saucer taking off and landing."
Larry Yudelson (July 27)

MFG - New kind of world and Prophecy

Israelis psycadelic trance - all the volumes

Astral Projection - dancing galaxy

Oforia - "i can't remember right now, sorry!"


If you know some more good albums please tell me, because i'm starting a project where I'm a dj and a producer (also starting), and as a Dj I want to made my sets just with israelli trance, that's to make a difrence betwen me and oder dj's, my net adress is - If you can't pass your massage please don't quit because i'm having problems with my computer.

Until then - GOOD VIBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (June 15)

I recommend the last cd of Ominus (18 Nov 1997)

I saw Astral Progection's 'people can fly' videp it's a very special track, and I looked for their album in all the record stores I came into but I didnt find anything :(

Well I hope they will become more famous ao you'll get to know that wonder ful melodic and alternative tracks (16 Oct 1997)

Donīt forget Astral Projection!
anonymous (19 Sep 1997)

The Israelis are one of many countries contributing to the global trance scene. The sound uis very distinctive, (including a throbbing bass layered under beautiful powerful melodies).

I live in England and I have a large trance record collection (which I sometimes play at parties) which includes many Israeli artists, Eg Astral projection (the best). Check their LPs on TIP and TRANSIENT records UK, Also the magnificient MFG who have singles and LPs on SYMBIOSIS records UK

Other Israeli artists include indoor (Stuff on MATSURI and SYMBIOSIS records UK) also Inscape, Chakra and Edi-mis, Sandman (AKA Izik Levi) and many many more.

The Israeli trance scene is a world leader, and you should be very proud.
Dave in England (27 Jun 1997)

Oif Simches!

Anachnu Dor Mitsuyan and the world's first Yiddish trance-dance.
anonymous (25 Jun 1997)

I have quite recently been introduced to trance music and i have listened to a few titles from daf punk and BBE and i was much impressed. I wanted to know if their were others artists with the same style. Hope you will answer. I am from Mauritius, the small island in the indian ocean. (13 May 1997)

well if you are in this scene, check out: you'll find there a site that I've created about Israeli clubs, rave/house/trance/jungle music and all of that stuff, and which I call "HA'MADOR" check it out, send me feedback, and catch u later! (10 May 1997)

Israeli trance music is of very high standard. Just to add to this that one of the best trance groups - Astral Projection - comes from israel (28 Apr 1997)

I recommend "California Sunshine" and "S.U.N Project" and the latest realease of "Danny's Trance O' Delik Trance Vibratons !!!"
(2 April)

Israeli trance music is brilliant. After spending a year at a little kibbutz near rosh pinna, my saturady night pub nights would have been really bad if it wasn't for the totally spin out qualities of this brilliant music. the pub "the alternativa" is the place to be if you are in the hulla valley....
Willow Alleck in australia (9 May)

I recommend the trance CD's produced by Gal Offer S.D.R music. His music store is at Shankin 10 Tel Aviv and you can get there all kind of house and trance music CD's. The best are GOA trance 1 and 2. --, August 13 1996

Willow Alleck adds: Israeli trance music is brilliant.After spending a year at a little kibbutz near Rosh Pinna, my saturady night pub nights would have been really bad if it wasn't for the totally spin out qualities of this brilliant music. The pub "the alternativa" is the place to be if you are in the Hulla Valley....

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