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Rami Fortis and Shlomi Bracha
Ratz al Hakatzeh (Running on the Edge)

Dana International
The Collection

Nurit Galron


Chava Alberstein
Sasha Argov
Shlomo Artzi
Bobby Aviv
Ehud Banai
David Broza
Nurit Galron
Gidi Gov
Irmy Kaplan
Shalom Hanoch
Si Hi-Man
Kaveret (Poogy)
Nosei Hamigvat (Hat Carriers)
Yehuda Poliker
Yehudit Ravitz
Yair Rosenblum


Israeli trance music

Shalom Haver -- an album in memory of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
Shir L'shalom - A Song for Peace
It Suddenly Fell On Her -- Arik Einstein's song for Leah Rabin.


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Press Clips

Press Clips: Last updated  Nov. 2

Zahava Ben, Mizrahi Crossover
Outsider Singing In (Nov. 2)

Trance Comes To Town
A Jerusalem Post feature story (July 27)

Get intimate with Ben Artzi
Haaretz: Catch his club dates while you can (July 1)



The 100 most important Israeli albums before 1990, as judged by Yediot Ahronot

The best selling Israeli albums
Israeli Music on American radio

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New Israeli music
Talking about Shlomo Artzi: An interactive discussion
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Who is your favorite Israeli singer? Vote in RadioHazak's new interactive poll, and then check out the current ranking.
The results of RadioHazak's first survey.
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Izhar Ashdot, who as a member of T-Slam was one of the co-authors of the song "Radio Hazak" has a home page, celebrating the release of his third LP, recorded live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Tel Aviv.
Shlomo Artzi unofficial page
David Broza
Eifo HaYeled site featuring music and pictures. Mostly Hebrew.
Ethnix: Israel's most successful non-dissolved band has a Web site of their own.
Si Hi-Man has a home page, courtesy of TeleTel
Ofra Haza page by Robert Brooks
Kaveret (Poogy) unofficial home page
Mashina site featuring music and pictures. Mostly Hebrew.
Achinoam Nini Page
Rafi Persky page Hebrew only
Arik Rudich, Israeli electronic music.

Israeli Music
Israeli Culture on The Mining Co. Good source for frequent news
Israel Guitar Archive
Israeli Music on Hagalil Nice site - German & Hebrew
Israel Music Archive Closed pending ACUM permissions
Israeli Music Online, from New Jersey's "Israel Hour" radio show.
MusicNet Israeli, Hebrew record site
NMCity  Hebrew site from one of Israel's leading record companies

Israeli radio stations with Internet broadcasts

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