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Chava Alberstein and the Klezmatics
Album in September, concert in October

On September 15, the long awaited collaboration album of the Klezmatics and Israeli folk diva Chava Alberstein will be released on Green Linnet/Xenophile. It contains 16 new songs produced by Ben Mink (k.d.lang). Get ready to be moved!

To celebrate, the band and Chava will perform on October 10 at New York's Town Hall. More collaborative concerts are now being planed. ( By Itzik Becher, June 5)

Crazy for "Crazy Flower"!
Chava Alberstein releases Collection for U.S.

A collection of Chava Alberstein songs was released stateside, titled "Crazy Flower: A Collection." It has some of Alberstein's best loved songs, such as "Edaber Itcha", "Mi HaIsh" and my very own favorite "Kmo Tzemach Bar." But it also incorporates some of Alberstein's latest work, from her Yonat HaAhavah album, like "Yonat haAhavah" and "Away." In short, it is a welcome mixture of Alberstein's best songs at different stages of her 30-year career. This collection is truly a treat for all those who love Chava's work and her fabulous voice and also for those unfamiliar with the songs of Israel's premier singer. It is strongly recommended, and for those like myself who don't understand every word in Hebrew (or in its entirety) there are accompanying translations that will help appreciate the beauty of voice, lyrics and music so delightfully rendered. ( By Gavriel Madrid, May 8)

Chava Yonat HaAhava (The Love Dove)

"A postcard from Israel, 1996" is how Ha'aretz describes Hava Alberstein's new album. The sixteen songs -- she wrote 13 of the melodies and 6 of the lyrics -- "well express a contining moment of crisis, personal and social, that must be reckoned with though it's unclear if a full solution can be found, or if there is indeed a solution," writes Ha'aretz. And on an equally promising note, Tel Aviv says the record "sounds good and is convincing." Alas, the reviews are only mixed, perhaps reflecting the high expecations we all have for Chava. The Love Dove is "not a complete album" laments Tel Aviv, and Ha'aretz says the album "leaves the feeling of a missed opportunity: In music, as in life, good taste can't suffice."

But what do you think? (January 24)


I think Chava iAlberstein s always great. I have for followed her music many years and I am truly impressed with her ability to grow and change with time. She is really like a vintage wine - only gets better with time. I was fortunate to see her in person at a concert in Santa Rosa a couple of years ago and was equaly impressed with her in person. (2 Mar 1998)

I first saw Chava Alberstein at the Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem in 1971; fell in love with her then. Especially liked her Vera Lynn type "Lu Yehi" in the Yom Kippur war. Saw her in Brussels last year when she was great again. (15 Nov 1997)

Chava Alberstein's new disc, Yonat Ahava is exceptional. Wonderful melodies, lyrics, and Chava's voice suits both well. A consistently great performance (2 May 1997)

When you present fregments of reviews something very unfair comes out. Most of the reviews about The Dove of Love were phenomenal!!! If you want I can fax you a few!!!
(4 Feb 1997)

I think that havas new album is great! Not a word less or more.
(Feb. 5)

I think that Chava is great at everything she does. I'm looking forward to getting the newest tape. (Feb. 4)

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