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Zahava Ben, Mizrahi Crossover
Outsider Singing In

"In the complex tangle of Sephardi-Ashkenazi relationships, Zehava Ben comes off as something of a unique figure," writes Shai Tsur in the Jerusalem Post.

Her recent work spans the "classical" Israel pop of the '50s and Arabic-language singing -- a unique blend at a time when other Sephardi singers are complaining of discrimination, writes Tsur.

( Nov. 2)

Trance Comes To Town
A Jerusalem Post feature story

The Jerusalem Post reports on "A generational battle over 'trance' is pitting the music's young fans against the police, who charge that it encourages drug abuse."

"Words are irrelevant, atavistic even, in the atmosphere created by the electronic music blasting from the rally across the street in Kikar Rabin - an insistent thumping like a colossal heartbeat shaking the center of Tel Aviv, punctuated by the ascents and descents of some computer wizard whose synthesized riffs explode on the brain with the impact of a flying saucer taking off and landing." ( By Larry Yudelson, July 27)

Get intimate with Ben Artzi
Haaretz: Catch his club dates while you can

Ha'aretz's Gidi Avivi urges you to see Ben Artzi in small concerts while you still can. Comparing him not only to his father, Shlomo Artzi, but to "The Who" leader Pete Townshend, Avivi writes that "the jump from appearances in small clubs to giant shows could also happen for Ben Artzi."

Read the full article ( July 1)

The Divine Miss Dana
The Jerusalem Post Profile

The morning after Dana's Eurovision victory, Allison Kaplan Sommer profiled Dana in The Jerusalem Post.

    Perhaps nothing describes Dana International better than the opening line of the song that she belted out to the world last night, to win the Eurovision Song Contest: "There are some women who are simply larger than life."

    While she has long since achieved icon status in the Tel Aviv nightclub scene and national notoriety through her string of hit songs, Dana's fame has multiplied thanks to the magnifying glass of international publicity. But when she brought home the trophy last night in Birmingham, England, the colorful and flamboyant singer also won first place in the race for media attention.

Read the rest of the story ( June 11)

Shemer and Artzi: The next generation
The two famous Israeli musicians each have a son ready to release their first album

"The Helicon record company knows that the more than slight similarity between Ben Artzi (Shlomo Artzi's son) and Ariel Orovitz (Naomi Shemer's son) will lead to inevitable comparisons, and the label wishes to clarify that these are two different artists. Nevertheless, the hand of Udi Anis, in charge of signing Hebrew artists at Helicon, is discernible in both albums," writes Michal Palti in his Ha'aretz profile of the two artists.

( January 19)

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