the fine print

Are you the type who reads every thank-you in the liner notes? Do you start your day by reading the nutritional information on your breakfast cereal? Then this particularly picayune page is probably for you.

Forms and mail: With our present Web provider, RadioHazak can't yet implement real forms processing and CGI-Bin action. We'd love to get real conferencing up (right now you comments are being manually added to the Web pages) and someday we will, but right now we're running on kludges. The kludge is that all the interactivity-fostering forms at the bottom of RadioHazak pages are really simple mail forms: The results get mailed to RadioHazak. That's why filling out a form leaves you facing a page with the stupid message, "mail sent." Sorry.

Copyright: All original content on RadioHazak is copyright by Larry Yudelson. If any Israeli copyright lawyers or AKUM representatives are reading this: Please give us a call. We're planning on looking you up anyway on our next trip to Israel. Let's talk about performance rights for audio and video.

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